About Us

Working diligently since 2019 with expert Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and Engineers, we have produced a truly unique and all encompassing exercise device.

Nader Galil, Behavioural Coach, Nutritionist and exercise fanatic has teamed up with a group of experts to revolutionize the way we workout. In a world where time is precious, Veloré is a truly a device that can be taken absolutely Anywhere.

Weighing under 4lbs (2kg) and with an adjustable resistance range of 2-150lbs (1-70kg), Veloré has the ability to perform just about every upper and lower body exercise imaginable. Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions, Shoulder Press, Leg Curls, Rows, Chin Ups, Bench Press (including incline and decline) - the list of exercises is endless.

PLUS, Veloré delivers a better quality workout than free weights, cable machines and resistance bands as it does not use gravity and the angle of the working arm for resistance. Also unlike free weights and cable machines, Veloré delivers maximum resistance when the muscle is fully flexed!

Tested with Physiotherapists and PTs, the practical examples are endless.

In September 2022, the Veloré was showcased for the first time at the Australian Sports Technology Network Summit in Brisbane, Australia with a rousing reception.

Professional Coaches, Athletes, Physiotherapists, PTs - all human performance and exercise professionals were amazed at Veloré's practical uses, portability and its massive range of resistance.

Physios love it as it is perfect for rehabilitation clients and also exercises stabilization muscles which is extra protection for the muscles and joints. Plus they no longer have to carry heavy equipment from customer to customer as they can now use this new all in one device.

Veloré - a true fitness revolution!