How do I start with my new Veloré?

We always recommend starting slow. Veloré is unlike Barbells, Dumbbells and Cable Machines as it doesn't use gravity and the angle of the arm to target resistance to the intended working muscle(s). If you have been using gym equipment then you will find that Veloré will deliver a more complete type of resistance through the motion of the exercise, so start slow, have your muscles get used to the motion and keep exercising regularly.

How long does it take to get used to using Veloré?

For most, it takes between 20-30min to master Veloré, but we highly encourage Subscribing to our YouTube Channel at Velore-fit and watch the unboxing and instructional videos.

Why do my limbs hands shake when using Veloré?

This is one of the key features of Veloré - the shaking is simply your stabilization muscles in use. Regular use of Veloré will find that the shaking will subside as your stabilization muscles become stronger and this in turn offers great protection for the main muscle.

Which lower body exercises can Veloré perform?

There are a plethora of exercises that can be performed with your Veloré - both upper and lower body. It's best to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to visually engage how to get the best out of your new Veloré - YouTube: Velore-fit

Shipping Times (Free Shipping)

For Free Shipping, over 90% of orders will be received within 8-10 business days to most countries, but our freight partners do advise that it can take up to 30 days from dispatch of goods and cannot follow up orders until this date has lapsed. 

Shipping Times (Express Service)

For Express service, typical orders are received within 3-5 business days to most destinations, but our partners do advise that it can take up to 14 days and cannot follow up orders until this date has lapsed.

Veloré handles dig into my hands


Veloré was designed to give you the look and feel of a real piece of gym equipment. The knerled handles are much the same as dumbbells, Barbells and and cable machine handles. If this causes discomfort we remommend using Veloré with gym gloves just like you would do in the gym.

My Veloré seems wobbly and loose

The Veloré is designed to give you that look and feel of a real piece of exercise equipment. The removable handles need room to move as it needs to be able to rotate within the handle.